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Three Important Types Of Coverage to Include in Your San Jose Auto Insurance

Wish to obtain auto insurance quotes in San Jose but do not know what type of coverage to opt for? Alternatively, you know what to opt for but are still not clear about the exact meanings of some types of coverage?

If you relate to the above questions, here are three types of auto insurance plans that are explained for your benefit.

The three most important types of coverage for car insurance in San Jose are liability, comprehensive, and collision coverage packages. One may often confuse with regard to their exact meaning and contents.

Collision coverage deals with any damages that you car has to face in case of an accident. This does not depend on any other vehicle being responsible for the collision. There is also support for any rental car that you drive, under this type of plan.

Comprehensive coverage lives up to its name. There is coverage for a wide variety of issues including damages that are not caused by any accidents. This can be anything that happens naturally and unexpectedly from a tree falling on your car to winds, floods and fire. This category also covers instances of anti-social vandalism and even car thefts. Any encounters with creatures that damage your vehicle are also included here.

Liability coverage is almost compulsory coverage when it comes to most auto insurance plans in San Jose. This provides full coverage for any bodily injuries and deaths and damages to others’ property even if the incumbent is not driving himself/herself. This kind of coverage also provides compensation for legal payments if somebody sues you for an accident.

Liability coverage comes with a three number index that car insurance companies tag to it. The first, second and third numbers stand for the maximum compensation for individual accidents, coverage for all accidents and property damage coverage respectively.

The total extent of this mandatory kind of plan is governed by state laws, which stipulate a minimum limit that all customers have to comply with and all auto insurance companies have to provide mandatorily. The insurance plan would not be valid at all otherwise.

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Once you know about the kinds of packages on offer, you will be prepared to tackle them with ease and carve out your own beneficial policy. Car insurance in San Jose swears by these three types of plans and it is the duty of your insurer to provide full details of the same. This will help you make your choice easily. Stay informed, stay protected!