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The Purpose of Driver Impairment Test when Caught of DUI Law Violation

It is not only getting a San Jose cheap car insurance you should worry about. It also includes being a responsible driver. Even without exceeding the allowed BAC level, a driver can be the subject of a ‘driver impairment’ test in San Jose city. This means having a BAC lower than 0.08% does not automatically denote that a police officer cannot perform a more detailed control. The reasoning behind this type of test is to try the driver’s ability to react and respond to different signals. While the BAC maximum level is fixed for all drivers in San Jose, it might happen that a particular case occurs: a driver with a low BAC level presents a higher risk than a driver with a higher BAC level. This could happen because each human body reacts in his own way to alcohol or drugs. The amount of food found in the human’s body when consuming alcohol might impact the intensity and mode in which the alcohol also affect the human’s mental and body.

You can still be arrested for impaired driving even if you have a BAC level under the maximum admitted by DUI laws. In order to perform an arrest, the police officer must have a probable cause. The probable cause means that the police officer must have a reasonable suspicion in order to make you the subject of further investigations. Here are some behaviors that might be considered suspicious: you hesitate to pass through a green light or you drive excessively slowly (there are particular drivers who knowing that they have already consumed alcohol drive extremely cautious and defensive); you drive in multiple lanes at once or weave from lane to lane (meaning that you have lost a part of your driving abilities and orientation in space).

The police officer can continue his observation after pulling the driver over. He will especially observe the driver’s behavior and physicality. For example, it will look suspicious if you present an erratic behaviour and if you seem restless, agitated or angry or if you have a slurred speech. Red eyes and the smell of alcohol can also confirm the police officer’s suspicion.

If the police officer considers that he should continue his analysis, he may ask you to step out of the car and perform some field sobriety tests to check your mental and motor skills. You might be requested to perform one or multiple actions such as: walking a straight line, turning and repeating, balancing on one foot with your arms to your sides, or following a moving object with your eyes while keeping your head still.

If you are found to have your mental and motor skills impaired, you will risk to be charged with specific penalties and fines or even to be arrested. Therefore, try to avoid such situations for your own and other’s good.

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