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The Best Ways of Proving Financial Responsibility on your Auto Insurance in San Jose

In order to drive your vehicle legally in San Jose and California State, you must prove your financial responsibility, meaning that you will be able to cover the property damages and bodily injuries of the non-guilty part, if you are responsible of a car accident.

You have four possible options in order to prove this financial responsibility. First, you can create a deposit of $35000. This money or at least a part of this money (depending on the accident’ severity) will be used by the Department of Motor Vehicles in order to cover all cost you might produce through a traffic collision. A second option would be to obtain a self-insurance certificate from the DMV department. However, you can choose this solution only if you make proof of owning a fleet of at least 25 vehicles. Therefore, this option is more suitable for car dealers especially when shopping for auto insurance quotes in San Jose.

Another solution would be for you to obtain a surety bond from a company licensed to provide you such a warranty. The surety bond must be at least $35000. Finally, you can choose to sign a liability insurance policy. This represents the minimum coverage you must get in order to drive legally               you car in San Jose city.

The last presented solution is the most common among San Jose drivers, because is the most affordable one. When purchasing a liability coverage for your car, your insurance company agrees to pay bodily injuries and property damages for the non-guilty part involved in a car accident that you produced. The maximum amounts to be paid in order to cover medical bills and repairs costs are up to $5000 for property damage, up to $15000 for bodily injury if only one person was injured in the accident, or up to $30000 for bodily injury if two or more persons were injured during the collision.

Once you purchase your car insurance policy, you will be allowed to drive and integrate in the public traffic. When signing a policy, your insurance company will automatically send an electronic report to the Department of Motor Vehicles of California, in order to be registered in their evidence too. Police officers are allowed to access the DMV database concerning the evidence of auto insurances, in order to check your status. While driving your car and not only, do not forget your insurance card in order to be able to prove your financial responsibility, if a law’s officer requires you to do this. You will also be needed to present your car insurance policy whenever you register your vehicle or when you get it inspected.

There are also some particular cases when the evidence of liability in not necessary. This exception applies for vehicles registered to a government entity or under a planned non-operation status, and to special equipment vehicles or off-highway vehicles.

Try to be permanently informed concerning auto insurance laws in San Jose. If you need to purchase a new policy, or you just need to renew your old one, enter your zip code here and check the auto insurance quotes in San Jose.