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What are the Corresponding Penalties with DUI and DWI Law Violation in San Jose?

If you drive in San Jose city, whether you are a local or you’re just a visitor, you need to know that having car insurance in San Jose is just one of the basics to follow but also the ‘Driving under influence’ and ‘Driving while intoxicated/impaired’ laws. It has been proved that these substances decrease the human’s mental capacity and leads to slower motor reaction. Therefore, drivers’ ability to control their vehicles will dramatically decrease leading to higher risks of traffic collisions.

In San Jose city, the maximum allowed BAC level (the Blood Alcohol content) is 0.04% for commercial drivers, 0.08% for drivers over 21 years, and 0.01% for drivers under 21. Any BAC level detected to drivers less than 18 years is punishable.

AutoInsuranceInSanJoseBetter choose not to drive if you are drunk because you will represent a risk for all other drivers and even for yourself. Secondly, you might get harsh punishments if a police officer stops you while you’re driving your car. In case you are drunk and still decided to drive, once caught a police officer will surely request you to perform an alcohol breath test or blood test to verify your BAC level. However, you are allowed to refuse this test but will result to harsh consequences. You will have your driver’s license suspended for an entire year for first offense, for a second offense you will lose your driving privilege for a period of two years and, if you found yourself at the third offense, you will have no more the right to drive your vehicle for three consecutive years. In addition, points will be added to your driver’s license and you could also have your driver’s license revoked if you are found to have violated the DWI or DUI laws. Moreover, you might not be eligible for some insurance companies anymore. There are carriers that are not willing to sign auto insurance policies with repeated offence drivers.

If you decide to submit the breath or blood test required by the police officer and the results exceed the maximum allowed BAC level, the arresting officer will confiscate your driver’s license and release you a notice of license suspension or revocation (depending the case) with a 30 days driving permit. You will also be automatically reported to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

In addition to the BAC level regulations, here are some other rules to respect to avoid specific penalties: drivers less than 21 are not allowed to carry unsealed beer, wine or liquor in their vehicle while they driving alone and they are also not allowed to consume alcohol in any form (even the cough syrup and prescription drugs can affect the BAC level, therefore these substances must not be consumed before or while driving a vehicle); drivers under 18 years should not drive with any measurable blood alcohol concentration; finally, another regulation mention that repeat offenders should not drive with a BAC level equal or greater than 0.01%.

It is always better to avoid drunk driving. It’s not only dangerous for yourself but for others as well and it could bring you severe legal actions as punishments. In order to find out how DWI/DUI law violations could impact your car insurance in San Jose, enter you zip code here.

The Purpose of Driver Impairment Test when Caught of DUI Law Violation

It is not only getting a San Jose cheap car insurance you should worry about. It also includes being a responsible driver. Even without exceeding the allowed BAC level, a driver can be the subject of a ‘driver impairment’ test in San Jose city. This means having a BAC lower than 0.08% does not automatically denote that a police officer cannot perform a more detailed control. The reasoning behind this type of test is to try the driver’s ability to react and respond to different signals. While the BAC maximum level is fixed for all drivers in San Jose, it might happen that a particular case occurs: a driver with a low BAC level presents a higher risk than a driver with a higher BAC level. This could happen because each human body reacts in his own way to alcohol or drugs. The amount of food found in the human’s body when consuming alcohol might impact the intensity and mode in which the alcohol also affect the human’s mental and body.

You can still be arrested for impaired driving even if you have a BAC level under the maximum admitted by DUI laws. In order to perform an arrest, the police officer must have a probable cause. The probable cause means that the police officer must have a reasonable suspicion in order to make you the subject of further investigations. Here are some behaviors that might be considered suspicious: you hesitate to pass through a green light or you drive excessively slowly (there are particular drivers who knowing that they have already consumed alcohol drive extremely cautious and defensive); you drive in multiple lanes at once or weave from lane to lane (meaning that you have lost a part of your driving abilities and orientation in space).

The police officer can continue his observation after pulling the driver over. He will especially observe the driver’s behavior and physicality. For example, it will look suspicious if you present an erratic behaviour and if you seem restless, agitated or angry or if you have a slurred speech. Red eyes and the smell of alcohol can also confirm the police officer’s suspicion.

If the police officer considers that he should continue his analysis, he may ask you to step out of the car and perform some field sobriety tests to check your mental and motor skills. You might be requested to perform one or multiple actions such as: walking a straight line, turning and repeating, balancing on one foot with your arms to your sides, or following a moving object with your eyes while keeping your head still.

If you are found to have your mental and motor skills impaired, you will risk to be charged with specific penalties and fines or even to be arrested. Therefore, try to avoid such situations for your own and other’s good.

If you want to check how a ‘driver impairment’ result might affect your driving record and also your policy rate, enter your zip code here. Fill in all required fields in order to purchase San Jose cheap car insurance.

Corresponding Punishments for Offenders of DWI and DUI Laws in San Jose

In San Jose city,it is not only the owning of auto insurance in San Jose is mandatory. It also includes following the traffic laws dutifully. DWI and DUI laws allow a BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) level up to 0.08% for drivers over 21 years old, 0.04% for commercial drivers and 0.01% for drivers between 18 to 21 years. No alcohol is permitted to younger drivers than 18 years.

DWI/DUI has been a major cause of death and injury in San Jose city. Make sure to respect these regulations while you’re driving your vehicle. However, if you are drunk and you are stopped by a police officer while driving your vehicle, you should know which penalties to expect.

If you are an over 21 driver, the penalties for exceeding the maximum allowed BAC level varies depending on the number of offense. If this is your first offence, you could end up with a 6 months imprisonment or you could get a fine up to $1000. If your are found guilty to have violated the DWI law, you will also receive the following penalties: your driver license will be suspended for 6 months and receive two points to your driving license; your vehicle may be impounded and you will be needed to pay storage fees; and you might be required to drive using the Restricted License and become eligible to reinstate your driver license only after 30 days of mandatory suspension after meeting all reinstatement requirements. If you find yourself to a second offense you will receive the following penalties: a possible imprisonment for up to one year or a fine up to $1000 and you will have your driver license suspended for two consecutive years and you will also get points on your driving record. You might also receive an imprisonment sentence for less than one year or a fine up to $1000. Also, if you are found guilty of DWI law’s violation, you will be suspended for three years and two points will be added to your driving license.

In case you’re not yet 21 but you are over 18 and you had a BAC level greater than 0.01% when you submitted the breath or blood alcohol test, you will get specific penalties. Your driver’s license will be suspended for one year or even revoked if you are convicted under the “minor in possession / other alcohol offenses” law, and two points will be added to your driving record. In addition, you will have to pay a fine up to $100. If you find yourself at a second offense within one year, the specific fine will go up to $200 and you will no more be granted with a Restricted License. If a third offense occurs within one year, you will have to pay a fine of $300. If your BAC level is exactly 0.01%, the Peace Officer is allowed to issue you a 30-days temporary license. Still, your driver’s license will be suspended. If you got arrested with a BAC level of 0.05%, you will receive an order of suspension and you will be detained till handed over to juvenile authorities or your parents. If your BAC level is greater than 0.08%, you may be arrested by the peace officer. Regardless of your BAC level, your vehicle can be impounded for up to 30 days if you are caught in possession of alcoholic drinks in your vehicle. You might also be requested to pay a fine up to $1000 and your driving license will be suspended for one year. Moreover, the Department of Motor Vehicles could decide to delay your first driving license by one year. In addition to all these penalties, other ‘21 over’ specific penalties may apply, if you were found guilty of DWI/DUI laws’ violation.

What about the commercial drivers? Here are the possible penalties to be received if you have a commercial driver license (CDL) and found with a BAC level higher than 0.04%: you will no more be allowed to drive a commercial vehicle for one year with two points on your driving record. If you are found with a BAC level greater than 0.04 while driving a commercial vehicle containing hazardous materials, you might get your CDL suspended for up to three months. If you are convicted for a second offense of DWI/DUI, you will lose your CDL license for life, therefore, you will be never ever allowed to drive again a commercial vehicle.

If you are found with a BAC level exceeding the maximum allowed level while driving, you can schedule an administrative hearing in maximum 10 days of the suspension or revocation notice. It is mostly recommended to consult a specialized DWI/DUI lawyer. If you will not request a hearing in maximum ten days of the notice, the suspension/revocation becomes final and begins in the 30th day after the arrest. If your case involves serious injury or even death, you might also be punished under the Three Srikes Law of California. This law means that California state court must impose harsher sentence on the persons convicted of three or more serious criminal offenses. This law significantly increases the prison sentences of persons convicted of a felony and who have been previously convicted of two more violent crimes or serious felonies.

To be safe, avoid drinking if you plan to drive your vehicle. If you have drunk and you really need to change you location, consider one of the following actions: postpone your travel if it’s not very urgent, call a cab if possible or find someone else to drive your vehicle for you.

If you want to see how these penalties will also affect your auto insurance in San Jose, enter your zip code here and compare the offers you’ll receive to find the most suitable one for your needs.

San Jose DUI Laws Affecting Auto Insurance Quotes

DUI stands for ‘Driving under Influence’ and represents a bundle of regulations concerning drivers who operates their vehicle under alcohol or drugs influence. San Jose city follows DUI laws and does not accept adult drivers with a BAC level (blood alcohol content) greater than 0.08%. Moreover, the maximum admitted level for commercial drivers is only 0.04%. Regarding the drivers between 18 and 21, a maximum BAC level of 0.01% is allowed. Concerning the driving teenagers, no BAC level is permitted.

You can find below some of the most important San Jose’s DUI regulations. Remember to respect DUI laws to avoid traffic collisions and also harsh penalties as jail, high fines and suspension or even revocation of your driving license. Avoiding DUI violation could bring you better auto insurance quotes in San Jose as well.

DUI involves zero tolerance law for repeated offenders: this law forbids a driver which is already in probation for a DUI violation or other driving under influence offenses to operate a motor vehicle when he has a blood alcohol content level (measured through a breathalyzer or a blood test) equal or greater than 0.01%. If this prohibition is violated, the offender will be charged with additional fines and penalties.

The Installation of an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) is mandatory. IID is a mechanism installed on the vehicle’s dashboard and has similar functionalities as a breathalyzer. Its purpose is to measure the breath-alcohol concentration when the driver exhales into the device. If the concentration result is greater than a predefined threshold (which is usually 0.02% or 0.04%) the device will prevent the vehicle’s engine from being started.

The maximum suspension period of a driver’s license has been increased. California laws have extended the number of categories allowing the Department of Motors Vehicle to immediately suspend a driver’s license if the driver is suspected of ‘Driving under Influence’.

DUI impose educational activities in case of reckless driving. A person convicted of alcohol-related reckless driving will absolutely need to participate in a licensed program including driving education courses, group counselling and individual interview sessions if he/she has already been involved in another alcohol-related ‘reckless driving’ activities and has a prior conviction for violation of DUI law.

These are some of the most important DUI regulations. Keep in mind that any DUI violation can affect your policy rate. If you are wondering how these two aspects are related, here is the answer: first, a BAC result exceeding the maximum allowed level will add points to your driving record; second, there is a higher risk to produce an auto accident when you find yourself under alcohol or drugs influence. If a traffic collision occurs involving you as the faulty part, you will alter once again your driving history. As you certainly know, your driver record is a quite important factor when it comes about car insurance computation algorithms, you just might want to avoid DUI violation in order to avoid a higher policy’s rate.

If you want to know more how can DUI violations affect your car insurance policy rate, enter your zip here and fill in the appropriate form to check all the auto insurances quotes in San Jose city.