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San Jose DMV Laws for Accidents Caused by DUI and DWI

The San Jose DMV convicts offenders who cause accidents or injuries under the influence alcohol under DWI and DUI regulations. This is different from routine traffic stops for checking blood alcohol content. That itself gives rise to severe penalties but actual damages which are caused, are dealt with more harshly. Therefore, the entire process in case of accidents and subsequent injuries caused is different in itself.

The normal penalty for a DUI offence when blood alcohol content goes to the specified limit gets big if there is a serious accident or any physical damages caused to others. It is however much harder to establish proof of accidents and slap higher charges on offenders. This is because officers who take you into custody for causing an accident might have to establish the fact that your BAC or blood alcohol count was higher than 0.08.

It is hard to prove in spite of being intoxicated, the intoxicated state caused the accident or whether it happened due to normal traffic violations, unavoidable circumstances or routine causes. A breath or a blood test can be taken to substantiate the claim for an accident charge but it is not the be-all and end-all of obtaining proof.

What matters is the number of times you have been convicted under a DUI offence. If it is the first time, penalties can be a little less severe as compared when you are convicted after multiple offences in the past. Multiple DUI offences are matter of serious concern as sometimes you might well be convicted under harsher charges even if your previous DUI offences did not cause any serious hurt or accidents.  Therefore, those who repeat offences never have it so easy when it comes to the rules of the San Jose DMV.

Car insurance organizations also leave you in the lurch with high and unaffordable premiums if you are convicted of multiple DUI offences and have caused car damages any number of times or even just once. Both protection of your car with insurance and your own driving journey will be out of reach in these circumstances.

Punishments are very harsh ranging from felony, misdemeanor, sentencing to jail for longer periods or short period imprisonment terms. Fines are hefty and driving licenses are suspended from anything between a few months and a few years depending on the specific nature of the charge. Compulsory completion of driving safety classes is also imposed upon offenders.

There are particular rights for those who are injured on your account and this is something you have to comply with. This includes paying out a certain sum of money as compensation to the victims’ family and also, the victim and his/her relatives and family members are allowed to attend your court conviction and even speak at the hearing. This makes it a tougher task to get away with an accident caused through DUI or DWI. Consulting a good legal agent would help to see if some charges can be lessened a little.

However, it is always a good idea not to drink and drive. An accident and DUI if combined is a serious cocktail leading to huge financial, social and professional losses both in terms of standing and in terms of self esteem.

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Tips on Buying a New Vehicle and Auto Insurance in San Jose

Auto insurance in San Jose will do its purpose to provide full coverage to your vehicle. It will keep your vehicle safe with the assurance of invaluable support in times of emergencies such as accidents and hit and run cases.

However, buying a car entirely depends on you. You need ample guidance through the entire process. Most people prefer to purchase a vehicle entirely through financing and loans from financial institutions, banks, car dealers.

Financing for your precious car involves a lot more factors than it takes to get a reasonable policy for auto insurance in San Jose. Something you have to keep in good shape is your own credit rating. Other factors include the price of the car on road which is inclusive from various taxes and the amount of down payment that you make.

The down payment that you make will influence your loan payments just like the deductible amount influences premium payments. If the deductible is raised, then premiums go down. It works the same way for loans and down payments.

The US Truth in Lending Act requires that you are provided with certain information by your lender before the loan agreement is signed. All these details are also required to be included in the contract for the loan. This includes purchase price, the dollar amount paid as credit, the principal amount and interest percentage or the amount to be paid as interest every year. This is also called the APR or annual percentage rate. The total cost of the car inclusive of both the basic price and the interest amount is to be given in the loan contract.

There are some types of scams that you must be careful to. The only way to be sure is to avoid being hasty. A hasty approach would mean you agree to certain lenders who provide you an option to take home your car right after you make the down payment with the assurance that the remaining financing is being negotiated.

However, they can call you a few days later and inform you of failure of the original agreement negotiation with less favorable plan offer which might not entirely be to your liking. These cases are often seen to happen and are ones which you should avoid.

In case you cannot keep up with loan payments and have to endure repossession, declaring bankruptcy is an option in order to avail of a minimum of three to five years to pay off the loan on your car. This will provide you the necessary time to keep your car with you and avoid hassles and harassment.

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How to Shop for San Jose Cheap Car Insurance for Young Drivers

San Jose cheap car insurance: Is it a myth or a non-existent reality? It may be the question you ask if you are a youngster or teenager or the parent of one.

This is because car quotes in San Jose come with tremendously exorbitant premiums and rates for youngsters owing to their high-risk quotient. Youngsters are seen as more prone to causing accidents, damages, and collisions as compared to mature adults.

Responsibility factors cannot be established and neither reliability of safety and security. This is why as an advance measure, insurers charge high amounts to insure their vehicles.

There are relevant strategies to reduce premiums on youth insurance if you are smart enough to try out a few tricks of your own:

A youngster should always get into a reliable and reputed driving safety educational program. In addition, guardians and parents would do well to accompany their wards while they take such courses. Success in such programs might just induce insurers to offer some discounts at least, thereby bringing down the cost of insuring one’s vehicle.

Purchase and selection of the proper automobile is of utmost importance. It has a direct impact on the rates you get and spiraling rates will mean saying goodbye to ever finding San Jose cheap car insurance packages.

Rates may spiral owing to higher costs of buying cars, which is directly proportional to higher repair and damage costs that are the norm for super expensive or glamorous vehicles. The most reasonable options are affordable city cars or used vehicles at best, as these are the most cost effective of the lot. The ratings for safety, which are attached to particular vehicles, are important as well. Check these thoroughly and make your decision based on appropriate research and findings and not on impulses.

Look around a bit for finding certain discounts, which are offered to students by insurers. Car quotes in San Jose often contains such discounts for students who have good records at school or college, good grades, good recommendations and so on and so forth. Excellent records of participation in community activities and social welfare programs also do well towards reducing the cost of car quotes in San Jose.

Lastly, intensive comparison of major car quotes in San Jose offered to you is another tried and tested method of obtaining lower premiums. Be sure to look around a bit, find out information, and negotiate hard. Do not jump for the first organization you see. The internet is a huge boon in this regard, as you can do all this in the comfort of your own home.

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Three Ways to Obtain San Jose Cheap Car Insurance in a Jiffy

San Jose cheap car insurance depends a lot, on how insurers find you out to be. Their conception of safety, responsibility, risk quotients, and reliability may not match with yours. This may well lead to higher rates of insurance and subsequently heftier premium payments in spite of their evidently being no major lapses on your part. If not all your questions and appeals work in such a situation, you have to resort to other strategies to lower your insurance rates and decrease financial burdens of heavy monthly premiums.

There are three effective such strategies that may help you reduce on premiums.

Firstly, tweaking around with the deductible amount is recommended. The deductible is the money you pay before the car insurance company takes over. You should do well to choose the highest possible amount of the same that can be paid by you. It makes a world of difference to your premium payments, which decrease subsequently. In addition, it is wise to pay for minor repairs and damages oneself. Paying for small issues and letting the company take care of the big ones will automatically lower your rates and your premiums too.

Every slab of deductible payment has its equivalent in the percentage rates, which decrease for premium payments on the other hand. By paying a higher deductible, you can actually lower your premiums by as much as 10 or 20 percent in 1 big leap!

Secondly, you should snip off coverage for collisions and the comprehensive type of coverage on cars, which are older and well past their prime. Older cars do not deserve much in the form of coverage for repairs and thus you would do extremely well to take this efficient step.

Lastly, you might think of opting for a vehicle that is not much in the limelight, i.e. not from an extremely reputed and well-known manufacturer or brand. If it is an effective, inconspicuous, efficient, and good for urban driving, that will do.

Well-known and high profile cars such as a Rolls Royce or Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini or even a Jaguar will be under constant threat of attacks from thieves and also fear of expensive damages or repairs. This will of course have its own effect on the insurance premiums. Buying a handy small car or even a used car for some years of use will ensure that you spend a pittance on insurance costs.

San Jose cheap car insurance is not the prerogative of all. It depends on which individual actually puts in the effort to find out relevant information and contact insurance companies accordingly. San Jose auto insurance is not that complex to understand. You just need to be aware of what is going on while you strive to buy car insurance.

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Three Questions About Auto Insurance Quotes in San Jose, Answered

Availing of the best auto insurance quotes in San Jose is a common concern for many. Many questions need to answer for potential customers who are often confused with regard to certain steps to be taken and other queries that they may have.

This is because car insurance is always a matter of great confusion and requires careful research and planning before taking any decisions. This leads to many queries on the part of customers.

AutoInsuranceInSanJoseThe first query that customers may have is the process of handling an auto insurance claim. An auto insurance claim is a matter of great responsibility and handling it requires patience and understanding of the whole process.

What needs to be ensured is that customers make a fair claim and obtain their settlement compensation as quickly as possible.

Immediately after the accident, you should start making a file on the accident without any further delays. All relevant material such as police reports on the accident, hospital treatment bills and also the valid copies of all claims you have submitted beforehand to the insurance organization.

Whenever you talk to any representative of your car insurance company, always make a summary later on, of what was said to you and official statements given to you, if any. The copy of this should be put into this very file along with details like the date of the conversation and the name of the representative spoken to. This helps prevent future confusion and prevents you being taken for a ride in some extraordinary cases of fraud.

If obtaining speedy compensation proves to be difficult, you can check your insurance policy if the rental expenses are covered in the policy or not. If they are, you can opt to get a rental car to see you through the interim period. Opting for rental cars may spark your insurance provider to speed up things in order to avoid incurring these extra costs.

In addition, if you ever feel that your car insurance company is not acting up to the spirit expressed when you purchased your auto insurance quotes in San Jose; you can always contact the state regulatory body for insurance.

If all else fails, getting an attorney lawyer to fight for your claims is the final step towards proper handling of your auto insurance claim.

The second query that may arise is the quantity of deductible that can be taken on a general car insurance plan. This is another confusing area and needs research and careful implementation of financial strategies as the deductible influences your rates and the premiums that you have to pay.

It is always advisable to get the highest amount of deductible that you can afford. This will help ensure that you have to pay lower premiums later on. Premium payments are matter of concern nowadays as they are steadily on the rise. The deductible is better known as the amount in dollars that you have to pay as a kind of down payment before the insurance plan will take over. However, to ensure smooth functioning of such a system, make sure you pick up the tab for small or minor expenses yourself. Do not bother hounding the insurance company for small costs of insurance.

This will help keep your policy secure in the end and help secure your car in times of emergencies.

Another question that comes to mind is: Is maintaining coverage for collisions on older cars worth it?

This is another factor worth considering, as older cars are prone to lesser costs and frequent repairs. Coverage for collisions covers all damages incurred by your vehicle if there are damages due to full on collisions with another car, public buildings, or property. An older car is not that precious to customers anymore and many think of the point of paying for possible repairs to a car, which if damaged, will probably be replaced or sold off.

Ironically, coverage for collisions can cost more than the overall worth of the old car. Auto insurance quotes in San Jose do offer coverage services for older cars. You have to keep in mind the value of your old car. If it is worth say a few thousand dollars, it is not worthwhile to pay for collision coverage, as it will end up being an impractical investment.

However, collision cannot be avoided entirely if the loan for the vehicle is not fully paid off yet. However, if the premium payment equals almost ten percent or more of the car’s value it makes no sense to opt for collision coverage.

There are national used car guides available for individuals to also check the value of their old car and act accordingly.

A thousand questions like these may come to mind before opting for a car insurance plan. The main thing to remember is that one should always opt for getting insurance. Insurance is a legal necessity in San Jose and all of California. Without insurance, you are not protected or secure as far as your car is concerned.

Therefore, make sure to consult insurance agents or brokers as they may provide unbiased opinions. In addition, comparison of all auto insurance quotes in San Jose is a pre-requisite towards finding out the best possible insurance plan for you.

Taking professional help towards choosing your insurance plan will never be a mistake. You are advised to do your research and pick your package of choice accordingly.

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Five Top Factors to Get a Low-Cost Auto Insurance in San Jose

If you are a low-income earner and still, you do not qualify for the California’s Low Cost Automobile Program (perhaps you do not meet all other requirements. For low-income earners, you’ll have to search for other possibilities in order to obtain a lower policy’s rate. Remember that driving a vehicle without auto insurance in San Jose can get you the following penalties: you will have your license suspended and you will receive a dedicated fine; you will have your car’s registration suspended and your vehicle will be impounded. In addition, if you are cited for not having car insurance while being involved in a car accident, the Department of Motor Vehicle will impose you one-year suspension concerning your driving license, followed by other three years of maintaining proof of financial responsibility on file with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

You will find here some advises you could follow to decrease you policy’s rate. Pay attention to all factors, which might affect the price you will have to pay in order to insure your car.

First, decide which coverage type is the most appropriate for you. You are mandatory to purchase at least the minimum coverage for your car, which will cover medical bills and property damage for the non-guilty part, in case you produce a traffic collision. If you want to purchase collision or comprehensive coverage, make sure you need them, before signing the relevant policies.

It is important to pay attention to your car’s safety level. There are some properties or different equipment, which can help you, decrease the rate. For example, the anti-lock system braking or the electronic stability control might help you to obtain a better price.

In addition, your parking place also matters. If you own a garage or you have rent one, you have just increased your chances to get a lower rate. What about the mileage discount? If you do not use your car very often, or at least you do not take very long rides, you might not exceed a predefined limit. Driving a number of miles per year under the expected threshold, you bring you a special discount.

Try to use a bundle policy. Sign all your car insurance policies with the same carrier, if possible. You will certainly save some extra money if you purchase all your life, health, and home and car policies from the same insurance company. Regarding to the home insurance, if you are a homeowner, once again, you might qualify for an additional discount.

Do not forget that it is most likely that you will not receive, by default, discounts based on all your relevant factors. That is why you should know all the aspects, which might decrease your policy’s rate and make sure that to ask for all these benefits before signing a policy.

You can check right now the most competitive car insurance quotes in San Jose. Everything you have to do is to enter you zip code here, fill in a relevant form, which will reveal all possible discounts you might get, and check all the offers here in order to get the best auto insurance in San Jose city.

Comprehensive Car Insurance Claim Process in San Jose

If you are involved in a car accident in San Jose city, you should know what are the most important things to be done file a car insurance claim. Find more details regarding filing your claim for your car insurance in San Jose city.

AutoInsuranceInSanJoseFirst of all, if you need to file a claim to your insurance agency you should know that the carrier must acknowledge the receipt of your claim within a maximum of 15 days. You will be then allowed to conduct their investigation over a period of 40 days to accept or deny your claim in whole or in part. Be prepared to be asked for documentation of your injuries, evidences of your medical expenses and so on. After your situation being analyzed with the final decision made, your provider has 30 days to tender the payment.

Furthermore, pay attention to the responses below to know about the application submission procedure as much as possible.

If a traffic collision occurs, you will be needed to file a claim to your insurance agency. Should you file also a police report as well? Usually, you will not be required to file an additional police report. If your car was not damaged by a hit-and-run vehicle, if it was not stolen or you were involved in a light car accident instead, you may also establish an amicable settlement with the other involved party. However, if the accident caused bodily injuries to the occupants of cars involved in the accident or if the collision also implied a pedestrian, it’s desirable to report it to the police.

When will your car be invested? It depends on your car location. But it will usually be inspected within 3 to 5 days from the accident day. The payment can be arranged only after an appropriate appraiser inspects your damaged car.

What should you do if you were involved in a car accident as the non-guilty part? To avoid any expenses, it is advisable for you to file a claim against the other driver’s insurance company approved by the DMV as well.

What if the repair costs are higher than estimated? Will replacement parts to be used in order to repair your damaged car? First of all, if actual repair costs are higher than the estimated ones, the body shop representatives should call your insurance company and request for the additional amount of money to be able to repair all damages of your vehicle. If the carrier agrees on this, an additional payment will be issued. Secondly, if there are no available quality recycled parts, new original or after-market parts will be used in order to repair your car’ damages.

How can you benefit from the Guaranteed Repair Shop? The GRS is a guaranteed repair shop agreed by your provider of car insurance in San Jose which will perform both estimates and repair of the damaged vehicles. The reparations are guaranteed as long as you’re the owner of the vehicle involved in the car accident.

These are the most important things you should need to know when you file a claim in case of a car accident.

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Utilizing Auto Insurance in San Jose in Special Situations

You will find here how to proceed regarding your auto insurance in San Jose if special cases occur. For example, what are you supposed to do if a traffic collision occurred while your car is driven by someone else (with you permission, of course)? Or what will happen with your car policy if you have an accident? Read the information below to find the answer to these questions and other useful information.

What happens if a car accident occurs while someone else drove your car? You should know that most auto policies include a Permissive Use provision, giving full or limited coverage to someone else driving your car having your permission. But each insurance company has his own rules, so before signing a new policy make sure to ask about this particular situation to know what to expect. There are also providers that will ask you to write on your policy particular names of the persons you would like to be covered if a traffic collision occurs while they’re driving your vehicle. No additional users other than the persons indicated by you through that policy will be covered in case of auto accident with your car and the driver of your vehicle as the one that caused it.

What happens if you produced an auto accident or you were at least involved in a traffic collision? Will your policy be cancelled? In most situations, your policy will not be cancelled and will continue to provide the legal financial coverage until its validity period finishes. However, there are particular cases when your policy might be cancelled. It will mostly depend on the cause of the accident and the number of previous accidents. If you produced the car accident while driving under influence (meaning alcohol or drugs) and convicted for DUI law violation, there is a high enough probability that your current policy might be cancelled. This could also happen if you have produced a third accident in a certain period of time and your carrier considers that your policy represents a too high-risk item.

In case you’re wondering how many tows you are allowed with emergency road services, you should know that there is no limit set regarding the number of allowed tows. But your insurance company will review your policy if a high frequency occurs.

What about new cars? Are they automatically covered or you’re required to purchase a policy by your own? If you buy a brand new car within an instalment pan, you should know that all costs for all coverage types of that car will be included in your premium. Most companies will require you to accept and sign, aside from the minimum coverage, the collision and comprehensive coverage too.

What happens if you produced a car accident, the car is totally damages and you choose to give up the car because you don’t have enough money for the repair or the replacement costs? In this case, the car will be returned to the provider but being totally damaged will not worth much. Providers want to be insured if these particular situations occurs and they will require you to sign the collision and comprehension coverage.

What happens if you change your vehicle? In most of cases, you will be provided with an automatic coverage for the vehicle replacing the one stated in your current policy. The same coverage will be maintained, unless you specify to your provider that you would also like to upgrade or downgrade your auto insurance in San Jose. However, there are insurance companies that do not provide such automatic changes and will require you to renew you insurance policy.

What about rented cars? If you decide that you want to rent a car and you already have a valid car insurance policy, you should know that the rented car can be covered by your insurance company for up to 30 consecutive days and will be provided with the same coverage you have for our own vehicle. If you do not have collision and comprehension coverage for your own car or the special rent reimbursement coverage, it’s advisable to sign an agreement with the company stating that all expenses for any damages of the rented car will be supported by the company no matter the cause. You will also have to pay more in order to rent a car but you will be fully insured in case you’re involved in a traffic collision or you even produce a car accident.

What if you drive a car in a foreign country? Before starting to travel around the world or at least multiple countries, you need to be informed concerning the car insurance laws of those countries. Since each state has its own particular laws, there are ‘tort’ states and ‘no-fault’ states. It is possible to be required to purchase a special policy for some geographical areas with the states particular laws to legally drive everywhere in the world. If you will be driving in Mexico and you have signed your car insurance in San Jose, California, it will be mandatory for you to purchase a special coverage because auto accidents in Mexico are subject to the laws of Mexico not the laws of United States. Therefore, you will be required to buy liability insurance through a licensed Mexican insurance company. In the contrary, if you want to travel to Canada you should know that your San Jose car insurance will be valid there too because the coverage territory of your auto policy is defined as the United States of America, its territories or possessions or Canada.

Pay attention to special cases to avoid fines and penalties. Enter you zip code here; fill in all the mandatory fields (representing factors that might impact your policy’s rate) and check the auto insurance offers in San Jose city.

Corresponding Punishments for Offenders of DWI and DUI Laws in San Jose

In San Jose city,it is not only the owning of auto insurance in San Jose is mandatory. It also includes following the traffic laws dutifully. DWI and DUI laws allow a BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) level up to 0.08% for drivers over 21 years old, 0.04% for commercial drivers and 0.01% for drivers between 18 to 21 years. No alcohol is permitted to younger drivers than 18 years.

DWI/DUI has been a major cause of death and injury in San Jose city. Make sure to respect these regulations while you’re driving your vehicle. However, if you are drunk and you are stopped by a police officer while driving your vehicle, you should know which penalties to expect.

If you are an over 21 driver, the penalties for exceeding the maximum allowed BAC level varies depending on the number of offense. If this is your first offence, you could end up with a 6 months imprisonment or you could get a fine up to $1000. If your are found guilty to have violated the DWI law, you will also receive the following penalties: your driver license will be suspended for 6 months and receive two points to your driving license; your vehicle may be impounded and you will be needed to pay storage fees; and you might be required to drive using the Restricted License and become eligible to reinstate your driver license only after 30 days of mandatory suspension after meeting all reinstatement requirements. If you find yourself to a second offense you will receive the following penalties: a possible imprisonment for up to one year or a fine up to $1000 and you will have your driver license suspended for two consecutive years and you will also get points on your driving record. You might also receive an imprisonment sentence for less than one year or a fine up to $1000. Also, if you are found guilty of DWI law’s violation, you will be suspended for three years and two points will be added to your driving license.

In case you’re not yet 21 but you are over 18 and you had a BAC level greater than 0.01% when you submitted the breath or blood alcohol test, you will get specific penalties. Your driver’s license will be suspended for one year or even revoked if you are convicted under the “minor in possession / other alcohol offenses” law, and two points will be added to your driving record. In addition, you will have to pay a fine up to $100. If you find yourself at a second offense within one year, the specific fine will go up to $200 and you will no more be granted with a Restricted License. If a third offense occurs within one year, you will have to pay a fine of $300. If your BAC level is exactly 0.01%, the Peace Officer is allowed to issue you a 30-days temporary license. Still, your driver’s license will be suspended. If you got arrested with a BAC level of 0.05%, you will receive an order of suspension and you will be detained till handed over to juvenile authorities or your parents. If your BAC level is greater than 0.08%, you may be arrested by the peace officer. Regardless of your BAC level, your vehicle can be impounded for up to 30 days if you are caught in possession of alcoholic drinks in your vehicle. You might also be requested to pay a fine up to $1000 and your driving license will be suspended for one year. Moreover, the Department of Motor Vehicles could decide to delay your first driving license by one year. In addition to all these penalties, other ‘21 over’ specific penalties may apply, if you were found guilty of DWI/DUI laws’ violation.

What about the commercial drivers? Here are the possible penalties to be received if you have a commercial driver license (CDL) and found with a BAC level higher than 0.04%: you will no more be allowed to drive a commercial vehicle for one year with two points on your driving record. If you are found with a BAC level greater than 0.04 while driving a commercial vehicle containing hazardous materials, you might get your CDL suspended for up to three months. If you are convicted for a second offense of DWI/DUI, you will lose your CDL license for life, therefore, you will be never ever allowed to drive again a commercial vehicle.

If you are found with a BAC level exceeding the maximum allowed level while driving, you can schedule an administrative hearing in maximum 10 days of the suspension or revocation notice. It is mostly recommended to consult a specialized DWI/DUI lawyer. If you will not request a hearing in maximum ten days of the notice, the suspension/revocation becomes final and begins in the 30th day after the arrest. If your case involves serious injury or even death, you might also be punished under the Three Srikes Law of California. This law means that California state court must impose harsher sentence on the persons convicted of three or more serious criminal offenses. This law significantly increases the prison sentences of persons convicted of a felony and who have been previously convicted of two more violent crimes or serious felonies.

To be safe, avoid drinking if you plan to drive your vehicle. If you have drunk and you really need to change you location, consider one of the following actions: postpone your travel if it’s not very urgent, call a cab if possible or find someone else to drive your vehicle for you.

If you want to see how these penalties will also affect your auto insurance in San Jose, enter your zip code here and compare the offers you’ll receive to find the most suitable one for your needs.

San Jose DUI Laws Affecting Auto Insurance Quotes

DUI stands for ‘Driving under Influence’ and represents a bundle of regulations concerning drivers who operates their vehicle under alcohol or drugs influence. San Jose city follows DUI laws and does not accept adult drivers with a BAC level (blood alcohol content) greater than 0.08%. Moreover, the maximum admitted level for commercial drivers is only 0.04%. Regarding the drivers between 18 and 21, a maximum BAC level of 0.01% is allowed. Concerning the driving teenagers, no BAC level is permitted.

You can find below some of the most important San Jose’s DUI regulations. Remember to respect DUI laws to avoid traffic collisions and also harsh penalties as jail, high fines and suspension or even revocation of your driving license. Avoiding DUI violation could bring you better auto insurance quotes in San Jose as well.

DUI involves zero tolerance law for repeated offenders: this law forbids a driver which is already in probation for a DUI violation or other driving under influence offenses to operate a motor vehicle when he has a blood alcohol content level (measured through a breathalyzer or a blood test) equal or greater than 0.01%. If this prohibition is violated, the offender will be charged with additional fines and penalties.

The Installation of an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) is mandatory. IID is a mechanism installed on the vehicle’s dashboard and has similar functionalities as a breathalyzer. Its purpose is to measure the breath-alcohol concentration when the driver exhales into the device. If the concentration result is greater than a predefined threshold (which is usually 0.02% or 0.04%) the device will prevent the vehicle’s engine from being started.

The maximum suspension period of a driver’s license has been increased. California laws have extended the number of categories allowing the Department of Motors Vehicle to immediately suspend a driver’s license if the driver is suspected of ‘Driving under Influence’.

DUI impose educational activities in case of reckless driving. A person convicted of alcohol-related reckless driving will absolutely need to participate in a licensed program including driving education courses, group counselling and individual interview sessions if he/she has already been involved in another alcohol-related ‘reckless driving’ activities and has a prior conviction for violation of DUI law.

These are some of the most important DUI regulations. Keep in mind that any DUI violation can affect your policy rate. If you are wondering how these two aspects are related, here is the answer: first, a BAC result exceeding the maximum allowed level will add points to your driving record; second, there is a higher risk to produce an auto accident when you find yourself under alcohol or drugs influence. If a traffic collision occurs involving you as the faulty part, you will alter once again your driving history. As you certainly know, your driver record is a quite important factor when it comes about car insurance computation algorithms, you just might want to avoid DUI violation in order to avoid a higher policy’s rate.

If you want to know more how can DUI violations affect your car insurance policy rate, enter your zip here and fill in the appropriate form to check all the auto insurances quotes in San Jose city.