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Three Important Aspects when Shopping for Auto Insurance Quotes in San Jose

If you are about to buy a new policy for your car, be sure to pay attention to some particular facts to get not only the most suitable policy for yourself and your needs but also the cheapest too. You will get the best auto insurance quotes in San Jose.

First of all, take your time to learn about the multiple coverage types available nowadays on the market. Every San Jose driver must purchase at least the minimum coverage as stated by the California state’s laws.

This basic insurance presents the following minimal coverage: an amount up to $15000 for bodily injuries, in case of one injured person in a traffic collision, up to $30000 if there are at least two persons injured in the car accident and up to $5000 to be paid for property damage. These are quite small amounts but if you do not want to spend too much money on your car insurance or you just can’t afford to pay more, this is your best solution. Minimum coverage is quite cheap and you will still fulfil the law requirements having this type of car insurance.

In case you can afford to spend more money on your auto insurance or you just decide that you need more protection for you and your car, you should know that there are additional coverage types ready to be purchased. For example, if want to have the repair costs of your car in case you are involved in a traffic collision stating you as the fault party covered, you will have to purchase collision coverage for your vehicle. If you want to buy such an additional car policy, be prepared to pay around $500 for your deductible.

In addition to the collision coverage, if you would like to have your car or some particular insured if it’s stolen or if some of its particular equipments are stolen, you should get a comprehensive coverage, with a deductible up to $250. This policy will also cover your car for all damages arising from other causes than traffic collisions.

Regarding the medical bills, you can purchase the medical coverage which commonly covers expenses up to $5000.

For the uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, you might want to purchase an additional policy in case of being involved in a traffic collision with an uninsured driver or with an underinsured driver. In this kind of situation, even if you have no fault at all there will be no insurance company covering your medical and repair costs just because the other driver didn’t previously sign any vehicle policy. Usually coverage amounts for an uninsured or underinsured policy goes up to $100000.

Another coverage type you might want to choose is the rental reimbursement insurance. If you’re a visitor in San Jose city or you’re staying here for a fix period of time and you don’t want to get a car of your own, you will probably use to rent cars whenever it is needed. Rented cars, by default, just have the minimum coverage required by California State’s laws. It means that if you will cause a car accident, you will have to pay all the repair costs. Since it’s not even your car, you will probably want to avoid such situations. You can simply do it by signing additional rent reimbursement coverage whenever you rent a car.

Secondly, right after deciding which coverage types are most suitable for you and for your car you’ll have to do a little research on certain insurance companies. Before purchasing any car policy, find out what is the financial situation of particular carriers and the quality of their past relationships with other persons. If you can, get real feed-back from other people you know and those who have already signed auto insurance with particular insurance companies of your interest. You might obtain a very cheap policy rate on a certain insurance company, but try to avoid unpleasant situations by making sure this is a serious provider and that you’ll get your money if an appropriate situation occurs. But this does not mean that expensive policies will automatically involve insurance company’s seriousness. Just make sure to check the past background of targeted carriers.

As a third action point, consider all the factors which might lead you to a lower rate. There are plenty of aspects in the policy’s computation algorithm. Therefore make sure to choose the insurance company providing you the best cumulated discount based on all those factors. Since there are some aspects beyond your or anybody else’s control like the age or gender, try to make yourself eligible for other aspects you can adjust in order to decrease your policy rate. For example, one thing you could do is take care of your driving record. Make sure not to be involved in any traffic collisions as the faulty part and to avoid speeding tickets. Furthermore, pay attention to your car’s safety (if you have an alarm system or how many airbags has your car and so on). Do not drive more than it is necessary. If your job office is quite close to your home, you can choose to take a short walk than taking long and often rides. You can also take some special state-approved driving classes to receive some particular certifications helping you obtain additional discounts. Another thing you could do is to increase you deductible to lower your policy’s rate.

Enter you zip code here to get real auto insurance quotes in San Jose. Don’t hesitate since there are particular insurance companies can offer you a special discount for buying your policy online. Fill in the special form and check the most competitive car insurance policies.

Four Financial Responsibilities of Car Insurance Policy Holders in San Jose

San Jose city, as part of California State, impose the same car insurance laws as all over in California. Concerning vehicles’ insurance, California uses a so-called ‘tort’ system. This means that the non-guilty driver who has suffered bodily injuries in a car accident must require compensations to the faulty-part car insurance company. Still, you should know that a party must be proven guilty before there is a legal liability. Concerning auto accidents, the injured party must prove that the other party caused the accident.

San Jose follows the pure comparative recovery negligence law. For example, if you are considered 40% at fault, you can recover damages for the remaining 60%. Each party’s negligence is compared to the others and damages are awarded according to percentage of fault. However, cases involving fault issues are often quite complicated. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, you should hire an attorney with high background in handling car accidents and comparative negligence matters.

San Jose’s drivers can accomplish their financial responsibility in multiple ways: they can purchase at least the minimum mandatory coverage – the liability insurance policy; they can provide a deposit of $35,000 for the Department of Motor Vehicles (this amount is greater than the maximum amount paid by the insurance companies in case of a car accident with more than one injured person, which is $30,000); another way in order to prove financial responsibility is to obtain a certificate of self-insurance from DMV – this option is available only for fleets of minimum 5 cars; finally drivers can obtain a surety bond for $35,000 from a licensed insurance company.

Every driver and car owner is eligible to obtain their own auto insurance in San Jose. However, there are certain factors which can dramatically reduce your eligibility. You should carefully consider your payment history, driving record, and your personal credit history and credit score. If in the end you don’t find a company willing to insure your car, you can get the liability coverage through the California Automobile Assigned Risk Plan (CAARP). This type of plan is designed for drivers who don’t qualify for auto insurance at any provider in the state.

Pay attention if you’re moving from another state to California, particularly in San Jose city. Make sure to avoid a lapse of coverage. If this particular situation occurs, you might be subjected to penalties and risk your vehicle’s registration to suspension. If you already live in San Jose city and you already have car insurance but failed to renew it in time, you also risk yourself getting some specific fines and penalties.

Remember that you are requested to prove you’re financial responsibility in order to legally drive in San Jose city. The simpler and most affordable solution would be to purchase auto insurance in San Jose for your vehicle. Enter your zip code here and check the rates. There are special offers for the local drivers. Don’t lose this opportunity!

Why is Minimum Insurance Coverage is Necessary in San Jose?


The most important thing you should know when you’re about to purchase a car insurance in San Jose city is the minimum coverage requirements. The minimal amount coverage has the following format: 15/30/5. This means that you car insurance will cover $15,000 expenses for one person’s injuries, $30,000 if there are two or more persons injured in the car accident, and $5,000 for property damages. All these amounts will be paid in order to cover the expenses for the non-guilty part. But these are only the minimal requirements in San Jose city.

If you would like to have your car covered too and your medical costs paid through your car insurance company, you will need to pay for additional coverage types. This actually means that you have to purchase one of the following insurances: the collision insurance, which will cover damage to your vehicle; the comprehensive coverage, which will pay for the damage of your vehicle caused by any other factors but traffic collisions; the uninsured or underinsured coverage, which will cover your medical or repair cost if you are hit by a driver who does not have a proper protection.

It is up to you to decide which coverage type suits you the most. Remember that it is highly recommended that you read and understand all your policy’s terms and provisions to be aware of all policy driver restrictions. If you chose to purchase only the minimum coverage liability, you should know that you do not have the right to sue the faulty-part of an accident. Similarly, if you are the faulty-part in a traffic collision the non-guilty part cannot sue you.

After purchasing your car insurance in San Jose, make sure that you know all the appropriate rules. For example, you should always have your policy with you because you will need to present it for the following situations: when your car get inspected, when you register your car or you just simply renew its registration, when you have a traffic collision, when you are asked for it by a law enforcement office even it just routine control. You can prove that your car is insured thorough an insurance card that your carrier will provide you after signing the policy. The insurance card contains information related to all covered vehicles and the policy number and expiration date. If you do not have your insurance card to present whenever needed, you can also use the effective policy or a temporary binder.

To see which coverage type suits you the most and affordable for you, enter your San Jose zip code here. After completing a few small steps needed in order to help you to underline all factors which might bring you a discount, you will receive the best car insurance quotes in San Jose city. It is quick and free. Try it now and purchase a high quality policy at the lowest possible rate.

Three Effective Solutions to Get San Jose Cheap Car Insurance

If you live in San Jose city and you own a car, you are required to purchase at least the minimum coverage policy. However, if you do not drive your car, it will be most likely that you would not want to spend money on your car insurance. In this case, you have two solutions.

You can buy San Jose cheap car insurance just to make sure that your car has all needed documents and could eventually drive it if it’s needed (fines for driving an uninsured car can gets up to $200 with other specific penalties).

The second solution would be to contact the Department of Motors Vehicle and inform them that you are no longer driving your car. If you chose the second solution, you will have to fill in a particular form called ‘Affidavit of Non-Use’. By submitting this file, you will avoid the cancellation of your car’s registration, the suspension of your driver’s license and other specific penalties. If despite the fact that you don’t want to use your vehicle anymore, you will receive a registration renewal notice and will have to submit to DMV a Certificate of Non-Operation or a Planned Non-Operation Certification.

However, if you own a car and you would like to use it but can’t afford any particular coverage type you should know that there alternative car insurance options. What you can do is to apply for a state-sponsored policy. There are two parallel programs which might be a help to you. If you are a San Jose resident with a clean driving history and qualified as a low income earner, you can apply for a car policy through the California Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program. If you don’t qualify for this program and if you are considered to be a high-risk driver with no insurance company willing to sign with you, you can get help through the California automobile Assigned Risk Plan (CAARP).

If you’re willing to purchase car insurance, you are a low-risk driver and not a necessarily low income earner; you will not qualify for either of the above solutions. What you could do in order to get an affordable car insurance is to make sure that you are eligible for particular discounts as: mature drivers discount or multi-car discount, or even anti-theft discount. Aside from these, you could lower your rate with other factors affecting your rate policy. Take your time to learn about all these factors and to benefit from them.

One more particular thing that could help you to obtain San Jose cheap car insurance is the state-mandated good driver discount: if you have your driver’s license for at least three years with no more than one point on your driving record since then and you haven’t been found at fault in any fatal car accident or that produced a minimum of $100 damage of property, you will certainly qualify for a 20% discount.

Don’t prevent yourself from purchasing auto insurance just because you’re afraid of the high rates. Enter your San Jose zip code and carefully check the policy rates. You will certainly get a cheap car insurance fulfilling all your requirements.

Essential Requirements for Auto Insurance in San Jose as Requested by San Jose DMV

Driving a car in San Jose city involves mandatory auto insurance. San Jose laws require a minimum coverage for all vehicles participating to the traffic.

Since 2006, there is an electronic system that serves its purpose to verify that all San Jose driven vehicles have the liability insurance. This coverage provides financial responsibility for bodily injury and property damage caused by a traffic accident. Insurance companies must regularly send to the Department of Motor Vehicles electronic reports containing insurance status for every private-use vehicles. In this way, the DMV can monitor all vehicles’ insurance coverage in California State. Court personnel and law enforcement have electronic access to the insurance status provided by latest San Jose DMV records.

There are also additional consequences of this system. For example, if you are stopped by a police officer for a regular check, he can quickly verify if your car is insured or not. Even if you do not have your policy document on you, the electronic system will provide him your car’s insurance status. Anyway, you will probably receive a fine because you were not able to present the proof of your auto insurance. Besides this case, you should know that you are requested to present the evidence of financial responsibility every time when you renew your vehicle registration or when your car is involved in a traffic collision.

There are some particular situations when you will be requested to submit additional information to the Department of Motors Vehicles. You will need to send the identification card from your insurance company, an evidence that the vehicle is owned or leased by a public entity, a California Proof of Insurance certificate (the SR-22 coverage) or a DMV authorization letter (if you are self-insured).

The minimum coverage supposes the following amounts of money: $5,000 for property damage, $15,000 for bodily injury if there is just one person injured in the car accident and a maximum of $30,000 for bodily injuries if there are two or more persons injured in the traffic collision. Remember, if you don’t insure your vehicle, aside from the fact that you will get a not to be neglected fine, you will also have your vehicle impounded. Your car can be suspended if one of the following situation occurs: you provide false evidence of insurance, insurance information is not submitted to San Jose DMV within 30 days after the purchase your policy (your insurance company must send this information to DMV), or if your policy is cancelled and you do not purchase another policy within 45 days.

If for one reason or another your vehicle is suspended, you will be needed to submit your insurance information and a reinstatement fee to DMV. There is the possibility that your suspended car would be impounded so you will have to pay all the expenses by yourself if you are involved in a collision.

Therefore, purchase car insurance for your vehicle and make sure that you do not forget to renew its policy to avoid any problems you can suffer in case of road mishaps.

Enter you zip code here ad check for free the auto insurance quotes for your private car. Don’t forget: it is always better to avoid than to fix!

Experience the Benefits of Cheap Car Insurance in San Jose According to your Age Bracket

Owning a car in San Jose, California automatically involves an auto insurance to avoid a fine up to $1,000 and the impoundment of the vehicle too.

San Jose laws require at least the minimum coverage: for bodily injury liability coverage goes up to $15,000 per person or a $30,000 if at least two persons are injured in the traffic accident, $5,000 for the property damage liability, and if the uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage is supposed to be used the maximum amount for the expanses of the non-faulty person will reach $15,000 per person or a total of $30,000 per entire accident (two or more persons).

Different life stages also affect policy rates. The age is one of the fix factors beyond our control. If your age doesn’t include you in a low-risk category, you will have to do a deeper research to find out which requirements to meet to lower your policy’s rate.

In San Jose, teenagers are allowed to begin the licensing process at the age of 15 and a half. They must complete the drivers’ training and pass the exam to obtain a provisional permit. The California Department of Motor Vehicle requires the following actions to be performed to receive a provisional permit: application forms to be completed and fees to be paid, parental signatures are a must with the following mandatory condition such as the social security number, and you will also have to make proof of your driving education. To get a driver’s license, San Jose’s teenagers must firsthand obtain the provisional permit to be allowed to apply for a license after six months.

Once the driver license is obtained, teenagers can have their own cars with the mandatory insurance coverage. Young drivers are considered by San Jose insurance companies to be in a high-risk category due to the lack of driving experience. Moreover, there are statistical studies proving that teenagers are more likely to be involved in a car accident. Therefore, your policy rate will have a higher price. In order to avoid higher rates, the parents can sign a new policy including their own car and of their child’s. This is a solution to obtain a particular discount such as the multicar policy special discount. What the teenagers could do on their own is to study hard to obtain high academic level grades. There are auto insurance companies giving special bonus for teenagers with a good grades’ level. Finally, driver’s type and year of cars play an important role in the computation of the policy rate. To obtain an additional discount, teenagers can choose average standard cars with safety equipments.

What about adult drivers? If you are no more a teenager with a long driving experience and your own driver’s license, there are plenty of things you could accomplish to get some extra discounts and to lower you policy rate. If you want to be able to buy cheap car insurance, you should pay special attention to your driving record. Make sure to keep a clean driving history since this is an important factor entering in the computation algorithm for each particular policy. Insurance companies value a clean driving record, without any accidents involving you as the faulty part and without any unusual tickets. Avoiding speeding tickets since it can lower car insurance prices and pay attention to your credit score and history. Being a young adult, it is most likely that you will make some important loans. Be sure to fulfil all your financial duties and to keep a clean credit history. The properties of your car will also play an important role. If you want to save some money, a safety car can bring you important discounts. The type and year of the car can increase or decrease the rate. Pay attention to all these aspects in order to get as much as possible cheaper car insurance in San Jose.

Being a senior driver will also definitely help you decrease your policy’s rate. It is considered that you have a lot of driving experience and already a high responsible driver. Moreover, it has been statistically proven that senior drives ride with lower speeds and are involved in few car accidents than adult or teenager drivers. Therefore, you will automatically benefit of an appropriate discount. If you would like to decrease even more your policy’s rate, do not forget about all those customizable factors which you can slightly modify. Having a clean driving record is still applicable for senior drivers so make sure you avoid car accidents, or, at least, make sure to not be the faulty-part in case a traffic collision occurs. In order to obtain an even lower rate, remember that being married will also bring you another particular discount.

Regardless of your life stage, you should learn to take advantage from the most possible factors involved in your policy’s computation algorithm. In case you still have doubts, you can also check different concerns with the Department Motors Vehicle.

You can also get free quotes here by entering your zip code in the special dedicated box. Quick and free, you will obtain the most competitive rates for car insurance in San Jose city.

Four Situations That Can Affect Your Auto Insurance Quotes in San Jose

Living in San Jose city is costly. For this, it is likely that you will appreciate any discount when signing for your particular car insurance policy. Know how different live events can impact the policies’ rates and obtaining the best auto insurance quotes in San Jose.

One of the situations which can bring you a particular discount is when you decided to buy a home. There are insurance companies that will offer you an extra bonus if you become a homeowner. This would be a solution for saving some money. Moreover, if you sign both of your homes insurance and car policy with the same insurance company, an additional discount will be offered. Try to bring all or almost all of your policies with the same carrier. Related to multi-item policies, if you own at least two cars you should purchase a multicar policy that can give you a lower rate than if you have separate car insurance policies.

Think twice if you suppose that your job domain has nothing to do with your auto insurance quotes in San Jose. Your occupation field could qualify you for a particular discount. If you are a teacher or an engineer, pay attention to the insurance companies which will value this attribute. Why should there be such special discounts concerning your job domain? It is considered that the above specified occupations involve low-stress jobs and it is likely that the accidents’ rates due to the distraction and high-stress factors are less for these cases. If you’re working in such domain or if you plan to change your career, you could target these types of jobs. This factor could be more or less being achieved regarding to your previous education.

Do you plan to move or perhaps relocate in San Jose city? Or you just want to change your neighborhood? This might also impact you policy’s rate. Insurance companies take in account your ZIP code and you should know that this is a quite important factor. Zip codes represent geographical areas. If your actual or future zip code presents a high registration number of stolen vehicles, there is a possibility that your policy rate will be increased. If there are unusual vandalism acts reported in that area, you will then have to pay more money for your auto insurance.

If you are a parent and you have at least one minor child or, you will be eligible to receive special discount as a help for your situation. Do not forget to provide this information when you fill in a car insurance form.

Pay attention to every factor which might bring you a lower policy rate and make sure to get all the benefits you should receive if you’re going through a certain situation.