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San Jose DUI Laws Affecting Auto Insurance Quotes

DUI stands for ‘Driving under Influence’ and represents a bundle of regulations concerning drivers who operates their vehicle under alcohol or drugs influence. San Jose city follows DUI laws and does not accept adult drivers with a BAC level (blood alcohol content) greater than 0.08%. Moreover, the maximum admitted level for commercial drivers is only 0.04%. Regarding the drivers between 18 and 21, a maximum BAC level of 0.01% is allowed. Concerning the driving teenagers, no BAC level is permitted.

You can find below some of the most important San Jose’s DUI regulations. Remember to respect DUI laws to avoid traffic collisions and also harsh penalties as jail, high fines and suspension or even revocation of your driving license. Avoiding DUI violation could bring you better auto insurance quotes in San Jose as well.

DUI involves zero tolerance law for repeated offenders: this law forbids a driver which is already in probation for a DUI violation or other driving under influence offenses to operate a motor vehicle when he has a blood alcohol content level (measured through a breathalyzer or a blood test) equal or greater than 0.01%. If this prohibition is violated, the offender will be charged with additional fines and penalties.

The Installation of an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) is mandatory. IID is a mechanism installed on the vehicle’s dashboard and has similar functionalities as a breathalyzer. Its purpose is to measure the breath-alcohol concentration when the driver exhales into the device. If the concentration result is greater than a predefined threshold (which is usually 0.02% or 0.04%) the device will prevent the vehicle’s engine from being started.

The maximum suspension period of a driver’s license has been increased. California laws have extended the number of categories allowing the Department of Motors Vehicle to immediately suspend a driver’s license if the driver is suspected of ‘Driving under Influence’.

DUI impose educational activities in case of reckless driving. A person convicted of alcohol-related reckless driving will absolutely need to participate in a licensed program including driving education courses, group counselling and individual interview sessions if he/she has already been involved in another alcohol-related ‘reckless driving’ activities and has a prior conviction for violation of DUI law.

These are some of the most important DUI regulations. Keep in mind that any DUI violation can affect your policy rate. If you are wondering how these two aspects are related, here is the answer: first, a BAC result exceeding the maximum allowed level will add points to your driving record; second, there is a higher risk to produce an auto accident when you find yourself under alcohol or drugs influence. If a traffic collision occurs involving you as the faulty part, you will alter once again your driving history. As you certainly know, your driver record is a quite important factor when it comes about car insurance computation algorithms, you just might want to avoid DUI violation in order to avoid a higher policy’s rate.

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