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Five Best Tips to Lower Your Auto Insurance Rate in San Jose

If you are trying to get a lower rate for your auto insurance in San Jose city, pay attention to these following five best tips.

Keep a clean driving record and credit history. If you succeed in keeping a clean driving record for a specific period of time, you will be considered a low-risk diver so your policy rate will decrease accordingly. Make sure to not be involved in any traffic collision or, at least, not to produce a car accident. In addition, avoid traffic violation tickets especially over speeding tickets. Receiving a speeding ticket will make your insurance company to think one more time before proposing you a policy rate. Regarding your credit history, if you have any, make sure to fulfil all your financial duties on time. A bad credit history or a low credit score can affect your car insurance’s rate.

Take an additional driving course. There are special state-approved courses giving you some specific certifications. Those certifications can bring you up to 15% discount when purchasing your auto insurance in San Jose city. Not only that you will get a better rate but you will also learn important stuff in driving domain such as how to avoid collisions, how to predict other drivers’ moves and so on. An example could be the California Defensive Driving Course suitable for all cities within this state. Another appropriate course would be the California Mature Drivers Improvement Course dedicated for adult 55 and older. It is approved by the Department of Motor Vehicles and can be attended online.

Do not drive more than necessary. If you don’t exceed a certain number of miles driven per year (which might depend from one insurance company to another), you are eligible to obtain a low mileage discount. Therefore avoid long and often rides. Moreover, if you got your job office pretty close to your home try to walk instead of driving in order to reach your job office. There are certain companies which will offer you even a special discount knowing that you won’t use your car in order to get to work. This particular discount comes after analyzing the result of many studies showing that a high percentage of car accidents happen in order to get to work because of the stress factor not to be late. However, even if you use your car in order to get to work or not you will qualify for the mileage discount if you do not exceed the previously set number of miles.

Obtain high level grades. If you are still a student take advantage of it. Study hard and obtain high enough level grades and you will qualify for a specific discount. This discount will be certainly more than welcome because while being a young driver, you will be included in a high-risk category due to your lack of driving experience.

Own the appropriate car. Don’t choose a very expansive or a powerful car because the policy rate will increase accordingly. Get an average car instead and save some money for the insurance of your car.


Try to keep all these factors in mind to obtain a higher cumulated discount. Enter your zip code here, fill in all relevant information and you’ll receive the best auto insurance rates in San Jose.