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Comprehensive Car Insurance Claim Process in San Jose

If you are involved in a car accident in San Jose city, you should know what are the most important things to be done file a car insurance claim. Find more details regarding filing your claim for your car insurance in San Jose city.

AutoInsuranceInSanJoseFirst of all, if you need to file a claim to your insurance agency you should know that the carrier must acknowledge the receipt of your claim within a maximum of 15 days. You will be then allowed to conduct their investigation over a period of 40 days to accept or deny your claim in whole or in part. Be prepared to be asked for documentation of your injuries, evidences of your medical expenses and so on. After your situation being analyzed with the final decision made, your provider has 30 days to tender the payment.

Furthermore, pay attention to the responses below to know about the application submission procedure as much as possible.

If a traffic collision occurs, you will be needed to file a claim to your insurance agency. Should you file also a police report as well? Usually, you will not be required to file an additional police report. If your car was not damaged by a hit-and-run vehicle, if it was not stolen or you were involved in a light car accident instead, you may also establish an amicable settlement with the other involved party. However, if the accident caused bodily injuries to the occupants of cars involved in the accident or if the collision also implied a pedestrian, it’s desirable to report it to the police.

When will your car be invested? It depends on your car location. But it will usually be inspected within 3 to 5 days from the accident day. The payment can be arranged only after an appropriate appraiser inspects your damaged car.

What should you do if you were involved in a car accident as the non-guilty part? To avoid any expenses, it is advisable for you to file a claim against the other driver’s insurance company approved by the DMV as well.

What if the repair costs are higher than estimated? Will replacement parts to be used in order to repair your damaged car? First of all, if actual repair costs are higher than the estimated ones, the body shop representatives should call your insurance company and request for the additional amount of money to be able to repair all damages of your vehicle. If the carrier agrees on this, an additional payment will be issued. Secondly, if there are no available quality recycled parts, new original or after-market parts will be used in order to repair your car’ damages.

How can you benefit from the Guaranteed Repair Shop? The GRS is a guaranteed repair shop agreed by your provider of car insurance in San Jose which will perform both estimates and repair of the damaged vehicles. The reparations are guaranteed as long as you’re the owner of the vehicle involved in the car accident.

These are the most important things you should need to know when you file a claim in case of a car accident.

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