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Three Important Aspects when Shopping for Auto Insurance Quotes in San Jose

If you are about to buy a new policy for your car, be sure to pay attention to some particular facts to get not only the most suitable policy for yourself and your needs but also the cheapest too. You will get the best auto insurance quotes in San Jose.

First of all, take your time to learn about the multiple coverage types available nowadays on the market. Every San Jose driver must purchase at least the minimum coverage as stated by the California state’s laws.

This basic insurance presents the following minimal coverage: an amount up to $15000 for bodily injuries, in case of one injured person in a traffic collision, up to $30000 if there are at least two persons injured in the car accident and up to $5000 to be paid for property damage. These are quite small amounts but if you do not want to spend too much money on your car insurance or you just can’t afford to pay more, this is your best solution. Minimum coverage is quite cheap and you will still fulfil the law requirements having this type of car insurance.

In case you can afford to spend more money on your auto insurance or you just decide that you need more protection for you and your car, you should know that there are additional coverage types ready to be purchased. For example, if want to have the repair costs of your car in case you are involved in a traffic collision stating you as the fault party covered, you will have to purchase collision coverage for your vehicle. If you want to buy such an additional car policy, be prepared to pay around $500 for your deductible.

In addition to the collision coverage, if you would like to have your car or some particular insured if it’s stolen or if some of its particular equipments are stolen, you should get a comprehensive coverage, with a deductible up to $250. This policy will also cover your car for all damages arising from other causes than traffic collisions.

Regarding the medical bills, you can purchase the medical coverage which commonly covers expenses up to $5000.

For the uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, you might want to purchase an additional policy in case of being involved in a traffic collision with an uninsured driver or with an underinsured driver. In this kind of situation, even if you have no fault at all there will be no insurance company covering your medical and repair costs just because the other driver didn’t previously sign any vehicle policy. Usually coverage amounts for an uninsured or underinsured policy goes up to $100000.

Another coverage type you might want to choose is the rental reimbursement insurance. If you’re a visitor in San Jose city or you’re staying here for a fix period of time and you don’t want to get a car of your own, you will probably use to rent cars whenever it is needed. Rented cars, by default, just have the minimum coverage required by California State’s laws. It means that if you will cause a car accident, you will have to pay all the repair costs. Since it’s not even your car, you will probably want to avoid such situations. You can simply do it by signing additional rent reimbursement coverage whenever you rent a car.

Secondly, right after deciding which coverage types are most suitable for you and for your car you’ll have to do a little research on certain insurance companies. Before purchasing any car policy, find out what is the financial situation of particular carriers and the quality of their past relationships with other persons. If you can, get real feed-back from other people you know and those who have already signed auto insurance with particular insurance companies of your interest. You might obtain a very cheap policy rate on a certain insurance company, but try to avoid unpleasant situations by making sure this is a serious provider and that you’ll get your money if an appropriate situation occurs. But this does not mean that expensive policies will automatically involve insurance company’s seriousness. Just make sure to check the past background of targeted carriers.

As a third action point, consider all the factors which might lead you to a lower rate. There are plenty of aspects in the policy’s computation algorithm. Therefore make sure to choose the insurance company providing you the best cumulated discount based on all those factors. Since there are some aspects beyond your or anybody else’s control like the age or gender, try to make yourself eligible for other aspects you can adjust in order to decrease your policy rate. For example, one thing you could do is take care of your driving record. Make sure not to be involved in any traffic collisions as the faulty part and to avoid speeding tickets. Furthermore, pay attention to your car’s safety (if you have an alarm system or how many airbags has your car and so on). Do not drive more than it is necessary. If your job office is quite close to your home, you can choose to take a short walk than taking long and often rides. You can also take some special state-approved driving classes to receive some particular certifications helping you obtain additional discounts. Another thing you could do is to increase you deductible to lower your policy’s rate.

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